KCEOC Community Action Partnership’s 2017 LIHEAP Crisis Program will begin January 8, 2018. The program will run until March 31st or until funds run out, whichever comes first. Applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

Who is eligible to receive help during KCEOC’s LIHEAP Crisis Program?

Knox County residents who meet the following income requirements may be eligible to receive assistance through KCEOC’s LIHEAP Crisis Program.

Household Size                     Gross Monthly Income

1                                             $ 1,307

2                                             $ 1,760

3                                             $ 2,213

4                                             $ 2,665

5                                             $ 3,118

Add $453 for each additional family member.



What to bring.


*NOTE: If the utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, they will be required to request a Utility Bill Verification Form from KCEOC LIHEAP staff and have it completed by the person whose name appears on the bill.

If the utility bill is delivered to a Post Office Box, the LIHEAP Program requires applicant’s to have proof of physical address. If the bill is in the applicant’s name, they can choose to go their energy supplier and request a printout with their service address on it.

If the utility bill is not in the applicants or household members name and they don’t receive any bills at their physical address, they will be required to get a 911 address verification letter from the local 911 office. LIHEAP will accept 911 address verification letters dated within the last 6 months. The applicant will also be required to provide a Photo ID that matches the address on the 911 verification letter.

The LIHEAP program can accept a secondary utility bill as proof of residence as long as the bill represents a service that has been installed at the physical address of the property (I.E. cable, water, telephone) or any piece of unopened first class mail will work.


For any additional information or questions about the LIHEAP Crisis Program please contact Angie May at (606) 546-3152 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.