Poverty is Real. This is a poignant fact, and one that is undeniable when you look into the eyes of someone that is homeless. Those despairing eyes tell a story of hardship and distress that most of us will never know.

But if you look closely, there is a glimmer of hope. Hope that someone will show kindness by making an offering of support as they work to regain their security. That someone could be you.

KCEOC’s Women’s Emergency Support Center is a support center for the homeless with the goal of providing a safe place for women and children to stay while they are in search of housing and/or employment, and other mainstream services.

The 17- bed shelter offers housing for women and children who have been displaced due to eviction, natural disaster, denial of assistance by family members and other crisis circumstances. The shelter provides services such as case management, transportation, life skills workshops, clothing and food.

Additionally, the Support Center works to help clients develop self-sufficiency by providing education, work experience and skill development, and foster partnerships in shelter assistance and supportive services.

Monetary Donations can be made to KCEOC Community Action Partnership here. To ensure your contribution benefits the shelter, make sure to designate your donation when prompted. Donations, food, clothing, and time can also be made to shelter (call 606-546-3152 for details).

Our “Adopt the Shelter” Program is also available to groups/organizations. This program provides an opportunity to help meet the needs of homeless women and children and is designed to give friends like you an opportunity to support the shelter by helping to supply items needed most by those that call our Shelter home.