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Practice First Aid, Act Right Away.
TRAIN employees with streaming safety videos from our SAFETY WORKSTMTraining Center. Click here

EDUCATE employees during a brief safety meeting with our monthly SAFETY WORKSTM “Briefing.”Click here

RAISE awareness by posting our mini “billboards” in strategic high-traffic spots in your workplace. Click here

Remember the 3C's - Check/Call/Care. Check the gravity of the situation to prevent further harm. Call the proper authorities. Care for the injured until authorities arrive. OSHA requires employers to provide trained medical first aid personnel, first aid kit supplies and training no matter the size of the company or employment size. This training and understanding the 3C's are crucial for a safe working environment.

OSHA requires employers to train employees on all workplace hazards. Additional training, education,and awareness resources for these hazards and more are available at clearpathmutual.com.

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